Energy Healing Room

My Energy Healing Room where I love to give my clients a relaxing treatment.  Energy Healing, Reflexology and Massage.  

Master Reiki Healer, Advanced Reflexologist and Remedial Massage along with other natural ancient healing treatments.

Energy Work


Energy Healing

  1. Reiki deals with holistic treatment and its teachings are based on the fact that we are much more than our physical bodies. Our body’s energy depends on our energy field (aura), chakras (energy centers) and meridians (energy pathways). Our physical body requires food for nourishment and in the similar mode; our energy body requires positive vibrations.

  • The energy vibrates at different frequencies in our body, depending on our emotions, thoughts and spiritual notes. These vibrations create energetic field around them, which is commonly called Aura. Aura is center of information of body and has the function of transmission and retrieval of messages from environment. It can also help in energy transmission from internal or external sources of environment.



 Advanced Reflexology is based on the principle that reflexes on the feet and hands are connected by channels of energy to different organs of the body, by techniques involved in advanced reflexology this will help to eliminate toxins . The fact that there are over 72.000 nerve endings just in the soles of your feet, that must tell you something! Reflexology also improves the circulation and stimulates all the systems of the body to work more efficiently. 


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