One Natural Energy

When beginning Reiki Self Healing we must strengthen our Earth Energy.  The energy that emanates from the Earth is heavy,  powerful and grounding offering both physical and mental strength.  When we are grounded we feel strong, secure and safe as well as physically connected to the environment.

This is an Active Meditation but begins sitting comfortably.

  1. Focus on the breath, and say – “I am open to receive whatever it is that I may need at this moment in time” Now as you breath out let go of anything negative, relaxing your mind, body and heart.
  2. Bring your mind down into your Hara, focus on this area (below the navel).  Breath in slowly and really connect to this area.  Now take your focus to the centre of the Earth, and experience the pull the Earth has over your energy as it blends with your energy without any physical moment actually…

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